Star Wars: Fortune's Fool

Session #4: Confronting Kaa'to

End: Under a Black Sun

After interrogating Speng, and discovering that the bounty hunter they sought maintained a base of operations in The Works, the group decided to immediately confront their quarry and finish the job.

They gathered their gear and flew to The Works. They were quickly able to locate the building in question and, after doing several fly-bys of the area, they were able to locate a single landing pad that seemed to have been in use recently. They set down on the landing pad and made their way inside.

They quickly discovered a small set of offices that were still occupied; the “abandoned” factory wasn’t so abandoned after all. After a quick show down with several Mustafarian employees, the group was able to “persuade” the employees to call off security and allow them access to the factory floor.

They skirted around the upper catwalks, avoiding further conflict with the security droids. Using information “retrieved” from one of the Mustafarian workers, the group was led back to the rear of the massive refinery floor where they found an old office. Through a window they saw a small makeshift bed and other evidence of someone living there. They looked around some more, and find a large loading door around the corner hidden behind a massive trash heap.

Loomie investigated the area, and managed to find a small path through the broken droids and discarded equipment. Searching for a way to open the door she discovered two things: 1) the door was welded shut, unable to open, and 2) it had been booby-trapped with explosives if anyone tries the door controls. Searching through the heap some more, she found another, much smaller door off to the side.

Approaching this door they discover that it, too, has been trapped. Loomie attempted to disarm the explosives, but set them off in the attempt. She and Vacu were injured in the explosion, but the door had been opened. They rushed inside, knowing someone had been alerted to their activites.

Inside they found an old processing area, filled with conveyor belts, centrifuges, and compactors that had long been abandoned. There were ladders that led up to massive exhaust pipes on one side, and a staircase that led up to the previously seen office on the other. Loomie went to investigate the office, but as she made her way up the stairs she tripped an unseen explosive. The staircase collapsed from underneath her.

At that moment Kaa’to appeared, standing in one of the massive exhaust pipes. “I don’t appreciate you destroying my home,” he called to them. Melonme tried to talk to him, asking him to go peacefully.

Kaa’to, though, refused. He had lived most of his life as a slave to the depraved Morbiss the Hutt, a slaver on Nar Shaddaa. He had been freed from his servitude when Morbiss had been killed in an explosion on Malastare. Even though he would occasionally take work from the Hutts, such as his job for Marlo, it had become his purpose in life to take revenge against them for enslaving his people.

A fight ensued, but Kaa’to was dispatched fairly quickly, knocked unconscious and bound. Searching the area they found his ship, a small Z-95 Headhunter and part of the spice shipment stolen from Marlo. Vacu flew it back to their ship while the group returned via the speeder with Kaa’to in tow.

When the group arrived on Nal Hutta to turn Kaa’to and Speng over to Marlo, they were greeted by Tyn’alda. Marlo was in a summit with other Hutt leaders and was unable to see them. He took procession of the prisoners and issued the group their payment.


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