Star Wars: Fortune's Fool

Interlude: The Rebellion Strikes!

For the six months following their capture of Kaa’to Leeakos on Coruscant, in service of Marlo the Hutt, the group remained together but accomplished very little. Keeping their heads down after attracting the attentions of the Black Sun syndicate, the Fortune’s Fool was relegated to mundane jobs. This did, however, leave the crew time to work on other goals.

Laylani continued to send money back to her sister on Corellia. Flying the ship and making the standard cargo runs took up most of her time, but during those times she spent some of it trying to teach Bender the basics of space flight.

Loomie, after seeing her crew critically injured during their last assignment, spent her time scouring the Imperial Holonet for sources on trauma and field medicine.

Exik did whatever little tinkering jobs he could find when the ship was in port, and maintained his street-level connections.

Vacu Rhyk (no entry – need info)

During this time, however, disaster strikes the Empire. News floods the holonet:


According to news sources, a group of rebel agents infiltrated an Imperial mining station known as the Death Star. Using the large mining laser on the station, these traitors were able to destroy Alderaan, a loyal Imperial world, killing billions of Imperial citizens. The rebel scum were then going to use the station to destroy other Imperial worlds before the staff on board, devoted and patriotic members of the Imperial navy, were able to sabotage the station, destroying themselves with the station.


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