Star Wars: Fortune's Fool

Session #5: "Help Me, Bender. You're My Only Hope."

Beginning: Tatooine Manhunt

The session begins with the crew between jobs, resting on Nar Shaddaa while waiting to hear from Tyn’alda with their next assignment. They are all shocked at the news of the Alderaan’s destruction, but a couple of them don’t buy the story given to the public. Bender, as an active rebel sympathizer, is able to get in touch with some of his rebel connections and learns the truth of the situation.

The Empire purposefully destroyed Alderaan as a show of force against Princess Leia Organa and other rebel sympathizers. The rebels managed to destroy the station, taking the evil Grand Moff Tarkin with it.

After returning to the ship and informing the rest of the crew, Bender gets an unexpected message from another of his rebel contacts, Agent Nimara Dana.

“IG-86, I only contact you now because we have run out of options. I need your assistance, and time is of the essence. I need you to rendezvous with me aboard Kwenn Station. I’m currently on board the Relentless. We’re en route to the station now. I’m including the time and location of a meeting place in this transmission. I have information about Adar Tallon. Your former master was a friend to our house, and to Tallon. We we need your help."

The droid discusses it with the crew and, between helping the rebellion and making some credits, they agree to lend aid to Dana and depart for Kwenn Station.


Upon arrival at the station, the ship docked without incident. The crew passed through a minimal customs inspection, and proceeded to enter the station. They were discussing their plans as they made their way towards the rendezvous point. When they rounded the last corner, however, they came across a troubling sight: Agent Dana lie unconscious on the ground. Above her stood an Imperial naval officer and two bounty hunters; behind them, through a closing set of blast doors, the crew noticed a figure in Mandalorian battle armor.

The officer spotted the group, and immediately called for them to surrender. IG-86, seeing Dana on the ground, dove for cover behind a large crate and opened fire. A firefight ensues, and is quickly finished with Exik unleashes his flamethrower, destroying the officer’s comlink and burning setting the trio on fire.

After making sure the threat was ended, IG-86 rushed to check on Agent Dana. She was, unfortunately, dead; a small dart was stuck in the side of his neck. Searching her, they found an encrypted datapad; on the others they found a couple of weapons, and identified the officer as Lieutenant Voor of the Relentless.

[To be continued…]


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