Marlo the Hutt (Marlo Qunaalac Kos)

Hutt crime lord


Like most Hutts, Marlo does not have hair. He actually wears a Sha’rellian toop, a small creature that lived on his head, giving him the appearance of having hair. He also has markings on his upper lips that gives the appearance of a thin mustache.


Marlo was born on the Hutt homeworld of Nal Hutta into the militaristic Hutt kajidic, Qunaalac. Later in life, Marlo became the lorda of the Qunaalac clan, which earned him a position on the Hutt Ruling Council.

Wookiepedia: Marlo the Hutt

Marlo the Hutt (Marlo Qunaalac Kos)

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