Star Wars: Fortune's Fool

Session #3: Bad Cop/Crazy Cop

Last time…

The party visited the Umbra Club, purely by chance as it were. There they located an associate of the bounty hunter Kaa’to, a human death stick dealer named Speng. When charm and diplomacy didn’t work, they resorted to intimidation to get the information they desired. Speng called in his thugs to deal with the party while he made his escape. Bender intercepted him in the alleyway and subdued him, but the group could not avoid a firefight as his thugs stumbled upon their boss in restraints. The team won, and were discussing what to do next…

Now the continuation…

The party elected to take Speng back to their ship, docked at a nearby facility. There they snuck him aboard in a freight container before shackling him to a chair in a dark room. Melonme then interrogated Speng.


They discovered that, yes, Speng was an associate of Kaa’to’s, but he was not willing to freely discuss him. Several different techniques were used in extracting information, but beyond basic knowledge they failed to get anything useful.

Bender barged into the room during one of the attempts, in one of his “bipolar fits,” manically demanding, “I want to know where the drugs are going!” before leaving as quickly as he entered.


Finally the group was able to coerce Kaa’to’s general location out of Speng. He explained that Kaa’to maintained a small, out-of-the-way staging ground in Sector 943, an industrial area more commonly known as “The Works.”

Learning this, the group decided to gather their gear and head out, hoping to confront Kaa’to as soon as possible. Deciding to keep Speng as another gift to Marlo the Hutt, Loomie attemps to set a secure combination on the lock to the door, but ends up locking everyone out of the room. Laylani chided them them about breaking her ship, but instead of opening the door she further broke it, shorting out the system so that the panel no longer worked. The door was then completely, mechanically locked down.

After Loomie tended to wounds sustained during the firefight, Rodian was able to repair the panel and unlock the door. He then was able to simply secure it from opening from the inside.

Then, completely prepared for their encounter with Kaa’to (or so they believe) the party set off for The Works…

To be continued next session…


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