Twi'lek contact; Capo for Marlo the Hutt


Tyren’allak (or “Nall”) is a middle-aged Twi’lek male. He has faded green skin, and a single green eye. His lekku (head tails) are tattooed with a twisting barbed-wire pattern; he keeps one wrapped around his neck, much like a scarf, while the other hangs free. His right arm, instead of flesh, is a polished chromium cybernetic replacement; likewise, the upper right portion of his face has been plated with chromium, and in place of his right eye is a glowing red orb.

Nall prefers wearing long, loose-fitting robes, often in vibrant palettes.


As a young man, during the Clone Wars, Nall served under Cham Syndulla in the Ryloth resistance during the Confederacy of Interstellar Systems occupation of the planet. He eventually rose the rank of Lieutenant within the resistance, and led a small force that carried out raids against CIS patrols. He remained remained in the service of Cham’s army until the end of the war.

As the war came to a close, and the Republic made the transition into becoming the Galactic Empire, it became clear the Ryloth would not fare much better under the Empire as it had the Confederacy. Nall, however, decided he had seen enough conflict; with no real family and no reason to remain, he left Ryloth.

After taking a loan from Marlo the Hutt, Nall set out on a life in the moral middle grounds. Working as a smuggler, blockade runner, and on occasion straight up thief, he slowly began making a reputation for himself. After paying back his loan, Nall continued working jobs for Marlo and his organization.

In his line of work, there were obviously occasional run-ins with local system authorities and, on rare occasion, Imperial patrols or stormtroopers. During a particularly violent encounter with an Imperial customs vessel, Nall was grievously injured. His crew was able to get the ship to safey and deliver him into medical care, but not before damage was done. As a result of his injuries, his right arm was removed at the shoulder (replaced by a cybernetic prosthetic) and the top right portion of his face and skull were replaced with a chromium-plated fitting; his right eye was replaced with a cybernetic as well.

After spending time healing, Nall decided to step back from the active aspects of the business, and began working as a contact for Marlo the Hutt, managing a list of his operatives and vessels from a comfortable compound on Nar Shaddaa.


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