Star Wars: Fortune's Fool

Session #2: A Round for Everyone!

Last Time…

After breaking into a Black Sun facility and stealing a data disc in the hopes of identifying a traitor to Marlo the Hutt’s organization, our party sought out the assistance of Chopper, the Besalisk proprietor of a speeder repair shop to decrypt the information. Chopper then identified the traitor as Kaa’to Leeakos – a vicious Nikto bounty hunter that had been in the employ of Marlo since gaining his freedom from another Hutt clan. The group then accepted a contract to bring Kaa’to back to Marlo.

And now the continuation…

While the group began making preparations, Loomie recieves a call from an old colleage Rodian. [insert Rodian name] has just arrived on planet and was looking for work, and heard she was around. Loomie told him to joint hem at Chopper’s, and that the group would cut him in on the deal in return for his help.

After getting their stuff together, the group set off to find out information on the three locations Chopper mentioned as frequent stops of Kaa’to: the Umbra Club, the Spyder, and Zelcomm Tower.

The group finds a small, hole in the wall watering hole and decided to ask around among its clientele. Laylani remains with the speeder, while IG-86-88 “Bender” remained on guard outside watching out for Black Sun.


Melonme quickly maked an impression upon the fellow Twi’lek bartender after buying a round for everyone at the bar (a triumph on the charm roll resulted in a boost die on charm rolls for the remainder of the scene). She then proceeded to the dance floor, where she performed for the crowd. Upon finishing, she was joined at a table by the bartender.

While all of this happened, Loomie spotted another Wookie seated in a booth. Happy to see another of her kind, she made her way over to him and introduced herself. He identified himself as Krrsantan. They have a brief exchange before he tells her he’s there on business. At that point Loomie excused herself.


During their conversation, she discovered that the group had actually randomly wandered into the Umbra Club itself (yet another triumph rolled). She then started asking the bartender about Kaa’to, who revealed that yes, he frequented the bar – and that one of his associates was actually in the bar right then. He told her that Speng, a human death stick dealer, was in a curtained booth at the back of the bar, and that Kaa’to often met Speng there in the bar.

At that point, Melonme, Loomie, and Rodian approached the indicated booth. Inside they find Speng with a human woman, very obviously in the middle of a deal. The woman grabbed her product and quickly departed while Melonme took the vacated seat across from Speng, with Loomie and [Rodian] standing outside the booth. The group pretended to be buyers looking for a fix, but as soon as they mentioned the bounty hunter Speng ended the conversation. Loomie poked her head in and attempted to convince Speng of their goodwill, but failed. Unfortunately, (and due to a large string of threats on that roll) Krrsantan notices Loomie and the group dealing with Speng and departs, shaking his head in disgust in the process.


Growing tired of Speng’s uncooperative attitude, Loomie attempts to intimidate Speng into giving up his information on Kaa’to. Immediately Speng hits a hidden comlink, summoning a protection squad from the back of the bar, and tells the group the their exchange is over. The group of thugs leveled a number of blasters at the group as Speng excused himself.

Melonme charmed her way past the thugs, telling them that they will leave peacefully, and the group followed her out to where Laylani was waiting with the their speeder.

IG-86-88 “Bender”, on the other hand, had just happened to be walking around the building as the group called him to tell him what was going on. At that exact moment Speng burst through the back door, failing to notice the droid as he took off in the opposite direction. The dealer didn’t make it far before Bender placed a well-aim stun shot straight into his back. He signaled for the others to come around as he placed Speng in binders.

As the group was deciding what to do with Speng, his thugs came out the back looking for their boss. Seeing Speng in binders in the middle of this group, they immediately opened fire. A small shoot-out took place before Rodian stepped in and, using his flamethrower, dispatched the last of the thugs.

To be continued next session…


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