Star Wars: Fortune's Fool

Session #1: The Getaway


Having infiltrated a Black Sun facility on Coruscant, the party quickly made their escape. Running out of the building onto a landing platform, they immediately spotted a speeder sitting against the platform.

IG-86 blasted the droid controller out of the pilot seat, which Laylaniquickly jumped into. The rest of the group piled into the speeder and they raced away. Within seconds Loomie spotted a trio of Black Sun thugs on swoops chasing them through the heavy traffic. IG-86 opened fire on them, knocking one clean off his bike, while Vacu Rhyk popped open a maintenance hatch and began tinkering with the speeder’s engines.


Unfortunately, as they continued to race recklessly through the cityscape shooting at one another, the group was soon engaged by a group of local law enforcement speeders. Laylani tried her best to evade, with Loomie and Melonme helping to search for an escape route.

Zooming down an alley between two residential buildings, Loomie spotted a parking garage coming up, and (with a Triumph on her roll) Laylani was able to fly into the parking garage, out the other side of it, and find a small area to hide the speeder in, allowing the Black Sun thugs and the law enforcement speeders to pass by.


Allowing a few minutes to be sure they had lost their pursuers, the group finally sped away from the area and made their way to Chopper’s, a “speeder repair shop” run by a Besalisk known as Cho’pa’ailor (or “Chopper” for short).

Here, with Laylani being greeted warmly by Chopper, the group turned over the stolen data chip to be decrypted. While Chopper worked on the file, the group told the story of their mission and the adventures of their escape. IG-86-88 “Bender” remained outside the shop, on the lookout in case they were followed.

Chopper managed to open the data files, no thanks to the party, and was able to identify the traitor as Kaa’to Leeakos, a Kadas’sa’Nikto bounty hunter with a reputation taking high-risk, unauthorized bounties that had been in the servitude of Marlo for quite some time. Chopper immediately recognized the name, and knew that Kaa’to was known to hang out around a few different places: the Umbra Club, the Spyder, and Zelcomm Tower.

After giving the group this information, he then told the group that Marlo was offering a reward if they would be willing to bring Kaa’to in – preferably alive. The group agreed, and began making preparations…

[To be continued next session…]


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