Star Wars: Fortune's Fool

Session #5: "Help Me, Bender. You're My Only Hope."
Beginning: Tatooine Manhunt

The session begins with the crew between jobs, resting on Nar Shaddaa while waiting to hear from Tyn’alda with their next assignment. They are all shocked at the news of the Alderaan’s destruction, but a couple of them don’t buy the story given to the public. Bender, as an active rebel sympathizer, is able to get in touch with some of his rebel connections and learns the truth of the situation.

The Empire purposefully destroyed Alderaan as a show of force against Princess Leia Organa and other rebel sympathizers. The rebels managed to destroy the station, taking the evil Grand Moff Tarkin with it.

After returning to the ship and informing the rest of the crew, Bender gets an unexpected message from another of his rebel contacts, Agent Nimara Dana.

“IG-86, I only contact you now because we have run out of options. I need your assistance, and time is of the essence. I need you to rendezvous with me aboard Kwenn Station. I’m currently on board the Relentless. We’re en route to the station now. I’m including the time and location of a meeting place in this transmission. I have information about Adar Tallon. Your former master was a friend to our house, and to Tallon. We we need your help."

The droid discusses it with the crew and, between helping the rebellion and making some credits, they agree to lend aid to Dana and depart for Kwenn Station.


Upon arrival at the station, the ship docked without incident. The crew passed through a minimal customs inspection, and proceeded to enter the station. They were discussing their plans as they made their way towards the rendezvous point. When they rounded the last corner, however, they came across a troubling sight: Agent Dana lie unconscious on the ground. Above her stood an Imperial naval officer and two bounty hunters; behind them, through a closing set of blast doors, the crew noticed a figure in Mandalorian battle armor.

The officer spotted the group, and immediately called for them to surrender. IG-86, seeing Dana on the ground, dove for cover behind a large crate and opened fire. A firefight ensues, and is quickly finished with Exik unleashes his flamethrower, destroying the officer’s comlink and burning setting the trio on fire.

After making sure the threat was ended, IG-86 rushed to check on Agent Dana. She was, unfortunately, dead; a small dart was stuck in the side of his neck. Searching her, they found an encrypted datapad; on the others they found a couple of weapons, and identified the officer as Lieutenant Voor of the Relentless.

[To be continued…]

Interlude: The Rebellion Strikes!

For the six months following their capture of Kaa’to Leeakos on Coruscant, in service of Marlo the Hutt, the group remained together but accomplished very little. Keeping their heads down after attracting the attentions of the Black Sun syndicate, the Fortune’s Fool was relegated to mundane jobs. This did, however, leave the crew time to work on other goals.

Laylani continued to send money back to her sister on Corellia. Flying the ship and making the standard cargo runs took up most of her time, but during those times she spent some of it trying to teach Bender the basics of space flight.

Loomie, after seeing her crew critically injured during their last assignment, spent her time scouring the Imperial Holonet for sources on trauma and field medicine.

Exik did whatever little tinkering jobs he could find when the ship was in port, and maintained his street-level connections.

Vacu Rhyk (no entry – need info)

During this time, however, disaster strikes the Empire. News floods the holonet:


According to news sources, a group of rebel agents infiltrated an Imperial mining station known as the Death Star. Using the large mining laser on the station, these traitors were able to destroy Alderaan, a loyal Imperial world, killing billions of Imperial citizens. The rebel scum were then going to use the station to destroy other Imperial worlds before the staff on board, devoted and patriotic members of the Imperial navy, were able to sabotage the station, destroying themselves with the station.

Session #4: Confronting Kaa'to
End: Under a Black Sun

After interrogating Speng, and discovering that the bounty hunter they sought maintained a base of operations in The Works, the group decided to immediately confront their quarry and finish the job.

They gathered their gear and flew to The Works. They were quickly able to locate the building in question and, after doing several fly-bys of the area, they were able to locate a single landing pad that seemed to have been in use recently. They set down on the landing pad and made their way inside.

They quickly discovered a small set of offices that were still occupied; the “abandoned” factory wasn’t so abandoned after all. After a quick show down with several Mustafarian employees, the group was able to “persuade” the employees to call off security and allow them access to the factory floor.

They skirted around the upper catwalks, avoiding further conflict with the security droids. Using information “retrieved” from one of the Mustafarian workers, the group was led back to the rear of the massive refinery floor where they found an old office. Through a window they saw a small makeshift bed and other evidence of someone living there. They looked around some more, and find a large loading door around the corner hidden behind a massive trash heap.

Loomie investigated the area, and managed to find a small path through the broken droids and discarded equipment. Searching for a way to open the door she discovered two things: 1) the door was welded shut, unable to open, and 2) it had been booby-trapped with explosives if anyone tries the door controls. Searching through the heap some more, she found another, much smaller door off to the side.

Approaching this door they discover that it, too, has been trapped. Loomie attempted to disarm the explosives, but set them off in the attempt. She and Vacu were injured in the explosion, but the door had been opened. They rushed inside, knowing someone had been alerted to their activites.

Inside they found an old processing area, filled with conveyor belts, centrifuges, and compactors that had long been abandoned. There were ladders that led up to massive exhaust pipes on one side, and a staircase that led up to the previously seen office on the other. Loomie went to investigate the office, but as she made her way up the stairs she tripped an unseen explosive. The staircase collapsed from underneath her.

At that moment Kaa’to appeared, standing in one of the massive exhaust pipes. “I don’t appreciate you destroying my home,” he called to them. Melonme tried to talk to him, asking him to go peacefully.

Kaa’to, though, refused. He had lived most of his life as a slave to the depraved Morbiss the Hutt, a slaver on Nar Shaddaa. He had been freed from his servitude when Morbiss had been killed in an explosion on Malastare. Even though he would occasionally take work from the Hutts, such as his job for Marlo, it had become his purpose in life to take revenge against them for enslaving his people.

A fight ensued, but Kaa’to was dispatched fairly quickly, knocked unconscious and bound. Searching the area they found his ship, a small Z-95 Headhunter and part of the spice shipment stolen from Marlo. Vacu flew it back to their ship while the group returned via the speeder with Kaa’to in tow.

When the group arrived on Nal Hutta to turn Kaa’to and Speng over to Marlo, they were greeted by Tyn’alda. Marlo was in a summit with other Hutt leaders and was unable to see them. He took procession of the prisoners and issued the group their payment.

Session #3: Bad Cop/Crazy Cop

Last time…

The party visited the Umbra Club, purely by chance as it were. There they located an associate of the bounty hunter Kaa’to, a human death stick dealer named Speng. When charm and diplomacy didn’t work, they resorted to intimidation to get the information they desired. Speng called in his thugs to deal with the party while he made his escape. Bender intercepted him in the alleyway and subdued him, but the group could not avoid a firefight as his thugs stumbled upon their boss in restraints. The team won, and were discussing what to do next…

Now the continuation…

The party elected to take Speng back to their ship, docked at a nearby facility. There they snuck him aboard in a freight container before shackling him to a chair in a dark room. Melonme then interrogated Speng.


They discovered that, yes, Speng was an associate of Kaa’to’s, but he was not willing to freely discuss him. Several different techniques were used in extracting information, but beyond basic knowledge they failed to get anything useful.

Bender barged into the room during one of the attempts, in one of his “bipolar fits,” manically demanding, “I want to know where the drugs are going!” before leaving as quickly as he entered.


Finally the group was able to coerce Kaa’to’s general location out of Speng. He explained that Kaa’to maintained a small, out-of-the-way staging ground in Sector 943, an industrial area more commonly known as “The Works.”

Learning this, the group decided to gather their gear and head out, hoping to confront Kaa’to as soon as possible. Deciding to keep Speng as another gift to Marlo the Hutt, Loomie attemps to set a secure combination on the lock to the door, but ends up locking everyone out of the room. Laylani chided them them about breaking her ship, but instead of opening the door she further broke it, shorting out the system so that the panel no longer worked. The door was then completely, mechanically locked down.

After Loomie tended to wounds sustained during the firefight, Rodian was able to repair the panel and unlock the door. He then was able to simply secure it from opening from the inside.

Then, completely prepared for their encounter with Kaa’to (or so they believe) the party set off for The Works…

To be continued next session…

Session #2: A Round for Everyone!

Last Time…

After breaking into a Black Sun facility and stealing a data disc in the hopes of identifying a traitor to Marlo the Hutt’s organization, our party sought out the assistance of Chopper, the Besalisk proprietor of a speeder repair shop to decrypt the information. Chopper then identified the traitor as Kaa’to Leeakos – a vicious Nikto bounty hunter that had been in the employ of Marlo since gaining his freedom from another Hutt clan. The group then accepted a contract to bring Kaa’to back to Marlo.

And now the continuation…

While the group began making preparations, Loomie recieves a call from an old colleage Rodian. [insert Rodian name] has just arrived on planet and was looking for work, and heard she was around. Loomie told him to joint hem at Chopper’s, and that the group would cut him in on the deal in return for his help.

After getting their stuff together, the group set off to find out information on the three locations Chopper mentioned as frequent stops of Kaa’to: the Umbra Club, the Spyder, and Zelcomm Tower.

The group finds a small, hole in the wall watering hole and decided to ask around among its clientele. Laylani remains with the speeder, while IG-86-88 “Bender” remained on guard outside watching out for Black Sun.


Melonme quickly maked an impression upon the fellow Twi’lek bartender after buying a round for everyone at the bar (a triumph on the charm roll resulted in a boost die on charm rolls for the remainder of the scene). She then proceeded to the dance floor, where she performed for the crowd. Upon finishing, she was joined at a table by the bartender.

While all of this happened, Loomie spotted another Wookie seated in a booth. Happy to see another of her kind, she made her way over to him and introduced herself. He identified himself as Krrsantan. They have a brief exchange before he tells her he’s there on business. At that point Loomie excused herself.


During their conversation, she discovered that the group had actually randomly wandered into the Umbra Club itself (yet another triumph rolled). She then started asking the bartender about Kaa’to, who revealed that yes, he frequented the bar – and that one of his associates was actually in the bar right then. He told her that Speng, a human death stick dealer, was in a curtained booth at the back of the bar, and that Kaa’to often met Speng there in the bar.

At that point, Melonme, Loomie, and Rodian approached the indicated booth. Inside they find Speng with a human woman, very obviously in the middle of a deal. The woman grabbed her product and quickly departed while Melonme took the vacated seat across from Speng, with Loomie and [Rodian] standing outside the booth. The group pretended to be buyers looking for a fix, but as soon as they mentioned the bounty hunter Speng ended the conversation. Loomie poked her head in and attempted to convince Speng of their goodwill, but failed. Unfortunately, (and due to a large string of threats on that roll) Krrsantan notices Loomie and the group dealing with Speng and departs, shaking his head in disgust in the process.


Growing tired of Speng’s uncooperative attitude, Loomie attempts to intimidate Speng into giving up his information on Kaa’to. Immediately Speng hits a hidden comlink, summoning a protection squad from the back of the bar, and tells the group the their exchange is over. The group of thugs leveled a number of blasters at the group as Speng excused himself.

Melonme charmed her way past the thugs, telling them that they will leave peacefully, and the group followed her out to where Laylani was waiting with the their speeder.

IG-86-88 “Bender”, on the other hand, had just happened to be walking around the building as the group called him to tell him what was going on. At that exact moment Speng burst through the back door, failing to notice the droid as he took off in the opposite direction. The dealer didn’t make it far before Bender placed a well-aim stun shot straight into his back. He signaled for the others to come around as he placed Speng in binders.

As the group was deciding what to do with Speng, his thugs came out the back looking for their boss. Seeing Speng in binders in the middle of this group, they immediately opened fire. A small shoot-out took place before Rodian stepped in and, using his flamethrower, dispatched the last of the thugs.

To be continued next session…

Session #1: The Getaway


Having infiltrated a Black Sun facility on Coruscant, the party quickly made their escape. Running out of the building onto a landing platform, they immediately spotted a speeder sitting against the platform.

IG-86 blasted the droid controller out of the pilot seat, which Laylaniquickly jumped into. The rest of the group piled into the speeder and they raced away. Within seconds Loomie spotted a trio of Black Sun thugs on swoops chasing them through the heavy traffic. IG-86 opened fire on them, knocking one clean off his bike, while Vacu Rhyk popped open a maintenance hatch and began tinkering with the speeder’s engines.


Unfortunately, as they continued to race recklessly through the cityscape shooting at one another, the group was soon engaged by a group of local law enforcement speeders. Laylani tried her best to evade, with Loomie and Melonme helping to search for an escape route.

Zooming down an alley between two residential buildings, Loomie spotted a parking garage coming up, and (with a Triumph on her roll) Laylani was able to fly into the parking garage, out the other side of it, and find a small area to hide the speeder in, allowing the Black Sun thugs and the law enforcement speeders to pass by.


Allowing a few minutes to be sure they had lost their pursuers, the group finally sped away from the area and made their way to Chopper’s, a “speeder repair shop” run by a Besalisk known as Cho’pa’ailor (or “Chopper” for short).

Here, with Laylani being greeted warmly by Chopper, the group turned over the stolen data chip to be decrypted. While Chopper worked on the file, the group told the story of their mission and the adventures of their escape. IG-86-88 “Bender” remained outside the shop, on the lookout in case they were followed.

Chopper managed to open the data files, no thanks to the party, and was able to identify the traitor as Kaa’to Leeakos, a Kadas’sa’Nikto bounty hunter with a reputation taking high-risk, unauthorized bounties that had been in the servitude of Marlo for quite some time. Chopper immediately recognized the name, and knew that Kaa’to was known to hang out around a few different places: the Umbra Club, the Spyder, and Zelcomm Tower.

After giving the group this information, he then told the group that Marlo was offering a reward if they would be willing to bring Kaa’to in – preferably alive. The group agreed, and began making preparations…

[To be continued next session…]

Prelude - Under a Black Sun
Prologue for Session #1

It is a dark time for the galaxy. The city of Coruscant, once the glittering pearl of the Republic, now languishes under the shadow of the Galactic Empire. A bustling black market flourishes in the underworld, controlled by the notorious crime syndicate BLACK SUN.

Hired to infiltrate a Black Sun outpost and retrieve vital data on a bounty hunter who betrayed the Hutt crime lord Marlo, a small group of enterprising individuals works rapidly to access the heavily encrypted Black Sun network as things take a turn for the worse…

[Character and Introduction Session]

Loomie (our resident Wookie), and Twi’lek Melonme have been partners for some time, coming together in friendship as they were betrayed by someone close to them.

Our two humans and droid have been tasked to crew the light freighter Fortune’s Fool, as they all work.

The human pilot, Laylani, is taking whatever jobs necessary to provide for herself and her younger sister after their parents passed away.

The combat model droid, IG-86-88 (or “Bender”), has been around for a very long time. Originally a combat training droid, his masters were killed and he was taken as loot. Sold from owner to owner over the years, he finally landed working as a general labor droid for a politician. During a battle in which owner was assassinated, [insert name] was damaged, causing his programming to glitch. He declared his own freedom by snapping off his restraining bolt, and has been working for vengeance every since.

The human technician, Vacu Rhyk, comes from the rural regions of Thyferra. Being self taught in mechanics and


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